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Have you ever heard of PageRank? If you’re involved in any kind of SEO, you’re definitely familiar with the term. For the uninitiated, PageRank is a 0-10 score that Google assignes to webpages based on different weighted elements that indicate quality and relative importance. Search engine optimization specialists always take PageRank into account when planning strategies for their businesses, and you should too.

The quick and dirty way to remember it is that you want to be associated with websites with high PageRanks, and you don’t want to be associated with websites that have low PageRanks. A link from a .edu will give your website a lot of credibility, whereas a link from a linkfarm or other spam site can actually cause you to drop in the rankings.

PageRank can be a little convoluted, but we’ve found a nice little infographic from ZippyCart that will simplify it for you with a nice little high school analogy. Most of the advice here will be good for a long time, but Google constantly changes how they do PageRank, so take everything with a grain of salt of course.

Wikimotive Pagerank

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