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When you’re performing your affordable search engine optimization for the first time, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. Many people want to jump right into the fun parts like creating content and sharing on social media. When you’re first starting though, there is a crucial step that no company big or small can afford to skip:

Keyword research.

Of course the very first steps are creating a product and building your web presence, but once those things are accomplished, keyword research is top of the list. SEO is all about ranking for specific search terms (keywords!) that are related to your business. Keyword research is how you find those terms and narrow down exactly which ones are worth your time to focus on. Once you have your keywords, you can then create the content on your site organically around these words, ensuring your copy reads smoothly while still containing your keywords in different variations.

If you haven’t done keyword research in the past, it can be a little intimidating. Don’t worry though, because it’s actually a very simple process. We’ve found an infographic that does a great job outlining the basic technique from start to finish. As you grow more comfortable in your abilities and start seeing results, you’ll likely tweak the process here and there, but this infographic provides a great jumping off point.


Wikimotive Keyword Research Infographic

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