Goldilocks and SEO

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SEO is a game of increments. If you take any one technique to the extreme, you can ruin the effectiveness. Not just the effectiveness of that one technique either, but your entire campaign. You need to play it smart and move slowly, accepting that—while their are certain aspects of SEO you can move fast and loud on—the majority of quality SEO takes time, patience, and careful recalibration after careful recalibration.

How do you know how much is enough and how far is too far? We have an infographic that will help you with the basics of your digital marketing planning. It’s in the Goldilocks style of too hot, too cold, or just right. Except in this case it’s too spammy, not enough effort, or profitable. As always, take the information in this infographic with a grain of salt, but we actually agree with most of what this one has to say, especially when it comes to diversifying your links and producing a mix of content types.

Check out the infographic and let us know what you think. Just be aware that if you fall into the too hot or too cold ends of the spectrum, you’re almost definitely doing something wrong.

SEO Infographic