Maximize the Impact of Facebook Ads by Knowing the Facts [Infographic]

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Facebook Ads have become a valuable asset to incorporate into your Facebook marketing strategies. Although, you can still be seen on Facebook without using Ads on your Facebook Page, you are leaving it to chance that people will find you, better yet; that the RIGHT people will find you.

A Facebook Pages’ best bet is to utilize Facebook Ads as it helps you hone in on people within your local area or interests, increasing value and ROI towards your Facebook efforts. As a business, your number one goal is to extend your reach in amongst the 1.26 billion users, with that said; you can also expand your business’s presence amongst this gigantic pool of people.

The average person visits Facebook 13.8 times per day, which means that your Facebook Ad could be exposed to one person repeatedly within a 16 hour period, more so, than your cost and efforts you put towards other advertising mediums and at a lower cost too.

Having Facebook Ads alone will not help your page if your strategy is weak. Therefore you must provide constant quality within your posts. Keep in mind that Facebook Ads are not the same as “buying likes”. What the Ad does is to provide exposure to a larger amount of people you choose to target.

Sharing irrelevant content that is not written socially will not incur “likes” or other Facebook actions such as comments or shares. You still need to apply effort within what is being shared and for the majority of the time it needs to be a shared interest that is still relevant to your business.

If not, Facebook Ads will not work in your favor; it will be more like throwing cash within the wind. A strong strategy along with Facebook Ads is what will increase your Facebook ROI and value towards your business and those who have connected with you.

With that said, the following infographic created by wishpond explains how you can maximize the impact of Facebook Ads with some suggestions on what to post.

Maximize Impact Facebook Ads

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