Social Media and the Christmas Break

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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Today I’d like to write a little public service announcement to all of you social media marketers out there in the world. Christmas is nearly here, which of course you know, but a lot of people aren’t considering that the holiday falls in the middle of the week this year. That means that for a lot of people (maybe including you?) Monday is the last business day before the break. Also, again because of how Christmas falls, a lot of other people are taking Thursday and Friday off to make it a long, luxurious weekend. It’s easy to get caught up in the delights of decorating the tree, last minute shopping, and eggnog binges, but don’t let the holiday break sneak up on you!

Take today to plan out your social media. You don’t want to have to work on Christmas and you don’t have to. Use this Friday and Monday to craft thoughtful Christmas Eve and Christmas posts and schedule them ahead of time. If you usually post three times a day, feel free to reign it in a little and just post the one message of holiday cheer. People aren’t necessarily expecting you to do anything special, but if you have a little Christmas message up for when they inevitably check social media between (hopefully not during!) family events, they’ll appreciate seeing it.

Again, there are only two business days left before Christmas! Make sure you are primed and ready to go with your scheduled social media so that you can rest easy and enjoy the day with your family.


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