Stop Over Complicating Social Media and Start Targeting Your Audience

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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It seems like targeting your audience has been designated to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) only, by utilizing keywords and tags that target people within their area or those searching for their products.  In many instances businesses have unfortunately left target marketing to that part of Internet Marketing alone. Although SEO is important in its own right, your business can compound its SEO knowledge with Social Media to gain better results.

Many businesses are perplexed by the amount of social networks that are free and readily available to them that some do not know where to begin, let alone find a strategy that will work in their favor. This is often how many companies fall into the “at least I am present” mind-set when it comes to social media and often scratch their heads pondering why social media is not working for them.

Whether you understand SEO or Social Media is not the point, understanding your consumer base is.

Your Social Media platforms offer you an abundance of opportunity to connect with like-minded people, a part of social media often forgotten about for businesses. Therefore, companies are often adding any type of content to their social networks and perhaps without knowing it, over complicating social media.

You need to stop, step back and look at your social networks and ask yourself, “would I like, retweet, +1 etc. that?” If so, take it a step further, “would I like, retweet, +1 that in correlation to the business page?” Is your answer still the same? Probably not.

If you wouldn’t take action on something you shared, why would others?

We need to get “back to basics” and remember that social media is built on what is relevant and relatable to others, this is how social media ticks and how people keep connecting with each other.

As a business, you need to find the balance of still remaining socially acceptable by sharing your products, sharing your local community events and by targeting the audience you actually want in a creative manner. It might take some extra time and some extra effort but when searching for your ROI, you don’t need to target the world; you need to target your community and those who too love the products that you sell.

Once you realize this, you will stop over complicating social media and begin targeting your audience that in return, provides you a greater chance in making a sale and increases the value of social media for your business.