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In a world where content is next to cleanliness (and cleanliness is in fairly close proximity to godliness) it’s fallen on a lot of digital marketers to start writing. For some of us, this hasn’t been much of a chore. We delight in putting our thoughts down on the page and sending them out for (a very, very small portion of) the world to read. Other marketers aren’t such big fans. They either outsource their writing or do it themselves but do a half-assed job of it. If you fall into that category, you gotta clean it up, because when it comes to your business SEO, it should be full-assed or nothing.

How do you find inspiration?

There are a lot of places you can look for inspiration for your writing, but most writing advice for marketing online is about where to find topics and subject matter. Today, I want to share a place that will help hone your craft so that you’re able to write your content full-assed, every time.

So where do I go?

Have you heard of Reddit? If you’re a digital marketer (or a human being that hangs out online), you probably have. Essentially, it’s a giant forum system for pretty much every topic under the sun. These topics are divided up into very specific “subreddits,” and there are so many users that you can find a subreddit for pretty much anything you put your mind to. You can even combine subreddits into one giant feed to effectively browse a multitude of topics all on one screen, which is what I did for you.

The link in this sentence will bring you to a page filled with all the best writing subreddits. Every post won’t be immediately applicable to you, but there is SO MUCH content you’re bound to find something that gives your own writing a boost. You may feel like the fiction and poetry content will do nothing for you, but give it a chance. Having a sense of narrative structure or aesthetic language can only help your writing become more effective, no matter what you’re writing about.

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