Jason Monaghan, Wikimotive's Head of Performance

Jason Monaghan

Head of Performance

Team Member Bio

A seasoned pro in the world of retail automotive marketing, Jason boasts an impressive 10 years of experience in the field, with an extensive toolkit that’s nothing short of legendary.

From being the mastermind behind marketing campaigns to taking on such roles as producer, photographer, graphic designer, art director, and even diving into the world of analytics – Jason describes himself as a creative problem solver who thrives on collaborating with dealers to uncover effective solutions and strategies that will propel them to the next level!

Beyond the business side of things, Jason’s got a passion for soccer that runs deep, and he’s not just a spectator; he’s a dedicated coach for a large club in Nashville! He’s a devoted fan of the city’s vibrant music scene, soaking up the tunes whenever he can. More than anything else you will find him enjoying quality outdoor time with his three amazing kids, always on the lookout for exciting adventures in the great outdoors.