Lisa Marie Social Media Specialist at Wikimotive

Lisa Marie

Social Media Specialist

No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.

— Mac Miller

Team Member Bio

When Lisa first applied at Wikimotive, we were 99% certain that we were being ‘catfished’ (our first hint being her 400,000 Instagram followers). But after an exhaustive social media dive, three interviews (and her completion of one full year of employment) we dropped that suspicion level down to around 74%. Years later, she’s become a leading component of our dedicated Social Media & Reputation Management Team, balancing successful careers as both model and influencer. Building an empire with her boyfriend (a professional dirt bike superstar) she splits her time between home and scenic Costa Rica, while raising their two cats (one who’s food-obsessed, and the other, a professional actor). Lisa also has an intense love of both cabins and serial killers – which we’re told are completely unrelated, and nothing that we’re (at all) terrified of…