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Have you ever heard of the Amsterdam-based prog-rock band Light Light? Well, now you have. If you didn’t hear it from us, you would have heard it soon anyway, because the band has created a marketing campaign for their new single that is going viral. As we’ve said before, there is no magic spell that will make you go viral, but watching what works is a great way to gain some insight. It doesn’t matter who you are, there isn’t a single marketing campaign or any number of small business SEO packages that couldn’t benefit from a successful viral effort.


The band, Light Light, wanted to make a music video to promote their new single. Videos are pretty much a dime a dozen these days though, so they knew they had to take it to the next level to have any kind of impact. They teamed up with a design studio named Moniker to create an interactive effort. The video is hosted on a custom website that tracks your cursor and has you perform a variety of tasks like navigating a maze and creating a face on a canvas. The kicker is that it records every cursor and plays them back, so when you watch it and play along, you see the swarms of cursors from everyone who watched it before you. The overall effect resembles intelligent insects and it’s actually a blast to watch.


The video is set to Light Light’s single Kilo. The band does a good job of not heavily branding the video. Sure, if they had plastered their name all over the site more people would instantly know who they are, but they also would have alienated a lot of people. By keeping the focus on the video itself, and letting the song slowly permeate into your brain, they give the content a chance to go viral organically. People are more likely to share things that aren’t obviously just ads. That’s the main takeaway here.


Now, the video does feature a nude female model (art-class style) so it’s technically not safe for work, but it’s far from pornographic. Still, in the interest of not getting anyone with an overzealous content policy in trouble at work, be aware of the (NSFW) nature of


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