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Facebook is introducing a new way you can see how your potential Facebook Ad will perform with its new Facebook Ads Relevance Score.

The Facebook Ad Relevance Score was announced by Facebook on Feb 11 and should slowly start rolling out in the coming days to weeks (so don’t freak out if you have yet to see it).

What is a Facebook Relevance Score?

The Facebook Relevance Score is a calculated number by Facebook to indicate to you prior to purchasing your ad on how well it will perform between 1 to 10 (10 being terrific).

This score is to help you adjust your text and Ads spend so you provide quality content within a Facebook Ad which will help in its performance for your business.

The initial calculation is only temporary as the true Facebook Relevance Score will fluctuate once it is purchased and seen by those you targeted within the ad.

Depending on their social actions (or lack thereof), including reports for spam or hiding an ad will reflect within your Facebook Relevance Score.

This is a great indicator to see how your ad is truly performing and enabling you to improve or stop your ad altogether.

Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Is the Facebook Relevance Score more Important than the Facebook Ad Spend?

No, bidding is still very relevant when purchasing a Facebook Ad as you are still in a bidding war on a huge platform that others are vying for space.

Thus, the Facebook Relevance Score should only be used for guidance and to not become the primary factory of your Facebook Ad choices.

What Other Key Factors will the Facebook Relevance Score do for My Business?

Not only will the Facebook Relevance Score guide you to producing better Facebook Ads, it too will help with the following:

  • Optimize Your Facebook Ads that are in progress.
  • It Can Assist in testing which Facebook Ads will work best for your business.
  • It can potentially lower the cost of a Facebook Ad.
  • Help businesses understand how to create better quality Ads for Facebook.

Facebook is looking to clean up the News Feed in 2015 with less spammy looking posts by ridding overly promotional Facebook Posts.

The Facebook Ad Relevance Score seems to follow suit with their intentions of keeping Facebook a social platform while finding the balance for it to continue to be a superior marketing platform for businesses.

Have you seen the new Facebook Relevance Score?


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