Facebook’s Graph Search Updated Again

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Facebook’s Graph Search is still in its infancy, so we’ll likely be seeing a lot of updates over the next few months as it gets fully rolled out. This week, Facebook expanded Graph Search to include more results for search. Let’s take a look at what’s different and how it will affect your social media marketing.

Previously, when you conducted a search on Facebook with Graph Search you would be returned either a person or a place/business. Now, when you conduct a search, you can be returned a person, place, business, post, status update, check-in, or comment. You can further narrow these results by location and time period.

There were initially some hiccups, but now Facebook is doing their level best to ensure that their privacy police is keeping up with Graph Search. When you search, you can find things posted by friends and things that were posted publicly. You cannot find things there were posted with non-friends or things posted by friends that have been privacy restricted.

You may not have all of the functionality yet, as Facebook is rolling out the Graph Search function in staggered waves. If you want to confirm whether or not you have the functionality enabled, just type “posts about (whatever)” into the search bar along the top of Facebook. If you get results, then you have Graph Search enabled.

If you don’t have access yet, you don’t have to live in jealousy. To get access to Graph Search as soon as possible, all you have to do it be an English user in the States and sign up here.

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