Interactive Debate: Which Facebook Page Call-to-Action Button is Best?

Interactive Social Media Debate
Posted on by Erin Ryan and Amanda Ryan
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Facebook recently announced there will be new call-to-action buttons coming to U.S. pages by the end of the year and worldwide in 2015.

These call-to-action buttons will display on the cover photo of a Facebook page conveniently located next to the “Like” button.

The purpose of call-to-action buttons on Facebook Pages is to bring the business objective to the forefront of the page and to link domains located on or off Facebook that are in-line with your business’s goal.

Page Admins will have the ability to choose from seven call-to-action buttons, but only four of the seven will actually be effective for dealerships.

Facebook Call To Action Example

The seven call-to-action buttons are:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign-Up
  • Watch Video

With that said, the four call-to-action buttons that will be most effective for dealerships are:

  • Contact Us
  • Shop Now
  • Watch Video
  • Sign Up

Which Call-to-Action Button Will Take the Top Spot?

Our Director of Social Media, Erin Ryan and the Director of Reputation Management, Amanda Ryan (yes, they are twins) agree that either “Contact Us” or “Shop Now” will be the two leaders for the newly introduced Facebook Page call-to-action buttons. They also agree that the two remaining call-to-action buttons, “Watch Video” and “Sign-Up”, will be ideal for specific landing pages that include contests or timely events.

There is, however, a debate happening between Amanda and Erin Ryan on which of the two believed to be top call-to-action buttons (“Contact Us” vs. “Shop Now”) will take the number one spot for dealerships.

The Debate


The debate is centered on two Facebook call-to-action buttons that will undoubtedly be the top two chosen by dealerships, which are “Contact Us” and “Shop Now”.

However, Amanda and Erin Ryan cannot seem to agree on which of the two will take the top spot for dealerships and we want your feedback!

Let us state our cases and then you decide…



“Contact Us” call-to-action button

Erin is adamant that the “Contact Us” call-to-action button will take the cake when it comes to which button dealerships will choose for their Facebook page.


“Shop Now” call-to-action button

Amanda is a firm believer that the “Shop Now” call-to-action button will be the number one choice for dealership’s Facebook pages.


Why Should The “Contact Us” Call-To-Action Button Win The Debate?

Erin states, “The “Contact Us” call-to-action button provides a spot for people to easily click and obtain a contact form from the dealership’s website.

Ideally, this should help dealerships further acquire contact information of potential customers, as well as, provide a savvy customer the ability to access a representative at the dealership about a vehicle they are interested in and offered by the dealership. Hence, decreasing a customer’s time spent searching for a vehicle they already know they want. ”

Furthermore, Erin also expresses, “There is currently an accessible spot within the “About” section on a Facebook page that one can add their URL and thus, it won’t be necessary to have Amanda’s call-to-action button of choice, the “Shop Now” button.”

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Why Should The “Shop Now” Call-To-Action Button Win The Debate?

Amanda says, “The “Shop Now” call-to-action button will drive potential customers to the dealerships website, increase online traffic and possible leads. Customers will be able to view new and used vehicles, services, as well as, easily access financing options.”

Amanda follows up by saying, “People can already contact the dealership via their Facebook Page or the contact form located on the website. Thus, no need for the call-to-action button “Contact Us”.

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Whether your page has call-to-action buttons now or not, we want you to weigh-in with your thoughts on this debate of which of the chosen two will take the lead for being the most used call-to-action button for dealership Facebook pages.

Are you #TEAMERIN or #TEAMAMANDA? Who do you agree with more and why? Tweet us with the chosen hashtag to @Wikimotive to join the debate!