Just the Tip – Optimize Your GMB Photos, Videos & GIFs

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Posted on by Jason Cook
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Previously, we’ve discussed the important role that your Google My Business profile plays; how it’s basically your new homepage, is where you share your business information with the world and is where people searching for your business will form their first impressions of it. But with that in mind, how does one go about making the best first impression? Well, when it comes to first impressions – image matters. More specially, image(s) matter. And Google empowers you to make that best possible first impression by incorporating enticing visuals to catch the attention of potential customers. For those looking to learn more about your business, these visuals may compel them to further explore your profile, hit up your website or visit your brick and mortar location in person. And when it comes to grabbing the attention of those less interested in performing a deep dive, compelling visuals are crucial.

What Subject Matter Should You Focus On?

Exterior Shots: not only is this an important part of conveying your professional image and branding, but high-quality images of your exterior help to form a connection with prospective customers and clients. In addition, they’re instrumental in helping first-time visitors recognize your location once they arrive. Make sure you take images of all possible entrances to your facility, both at night, and during the day. Include shots from the road. Interior Shots: have a similar effect as their exterior counterpart. But for any kind of business that relies upon visitors (dealerships, hotels, restaurants, breweries, bars, etc) it’s crucial to convey the visual appeal of your location. Plus, aesthetics aside, such images speaks to professionalism, cleanliness and the quality of your amenities. Products and/or Service Shots: regardless of what business vertical you’re in, you need to think of your GMB Profile as a means of advertising the products and/or services that you offer. A car dealership might want to showcase popular and promoted vehicles, while a hotel is likely to display their service-based amenities. A restaurant might feature food, while breweries and bars are likely to present craft beers and cocktails. Contractors, creators and tradespeople on the other hand may include finished work or in-action service shots. It all comes down to telling your story in the most effective way possible. Team & Culture Shots: the best spokespeople for your business is the team of professionals that you employ. In many cases, they’re likely to be the ones who interact with your clientele the most. So, celebrate those positive relationships. Feature your valuable team members, and provide your clients with a better understanding of your overall culture, and what it’s like to be part of it on a day-to-day basis. Not only does it create a more personalized experience, but it humanizes your business, helping to set it apart from impersonal and corporate-minded competitors. Logos and Cover Photos: Include your business logo to be displayed in the knowledge panel for your business. Carry your companies branding across all mediums possible, and brand search results that your knowledge panel ranks for. Having a cover photo will also appear on your business profile, and will further solidify your brand.

Avoid Stock Images

Remember, this is about telling YOUR story. While stock images are easily accessible and can be eye-catching, they are often overly stylized and represent idealized versions that are unlikely to be indicative of your products, services or personal brand. Be proud of who YOU are.

What File Types Are Accepted?

‘Images’ might be a misleading term because you’re not limited to standard photography. That’s right, to help tell your story, you can include videos as well as animated GIFs in your GMB profile.

Guidelines & Best Practices

Images: JPG and PNG formats are accepted, and file size should fall between 10 KB and 5 MB. Recommended minimum resolution is 720 pixels x 720 pixels and the image should be representative of “real life”. In other words, avoid unnecessary use of filters. Videos Videos up to 30 seconds in length and 100 MB in file size cane uploaded. As with photos, minimum resolution on video files should be 720 pixels x 720 pixels. GIFs: For best results, default to Image requirements listed above. Animated gifs can play on mobile devices. So, get out there and upload the best possible visuals; combine evergreen content with content that are regularly refreshed. By doing so, you can be certain that you’re making your GMB Profile as impactful as possible when it comes to converting new customers.