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The SEO industry is a strange one. It’s extremely niche when you get really into it, and like any super focused niche, strange celebrities begin to emerge. It’s kinda like when you start getting really into backgammon and all of a sudden you find yourself wearing Paul David Magriel Jr. jerseys around town, talking about the infamous World Backgammon Championship game of ’78. To people that aren’t in the know, you sound a little like a nut, but to those who are in your world, you know the touch that Pauly Mags had on the game. Extended backgammon references aside, SEO is a similar situation, and if you want to break into the SEO elite, you need to know the players.

Let’s take a look at the current all-pro roster.

To best illustrate who is known in the show, we have an infographic from the fine folks at Wildfire Digital. It’s by no means an exhaustive list (they left me off, but I’m sure it was only an oversight. When the next version of this bad boy comes around, you know who is going to be occupying the center square) but they cover all of the biggest names in the industry. For our money, the big two right now are Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin, but that is the subject of fairly intense debate.

Take a look at the roster and then go add anyone you don’t already have to your social media accounts. Their advice may not always be perfect, but following the experts and interacting with them when you have something useful to say is a great way to establish yourself in the game.


SEO Main Players

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