Three Big Pinterest Expansions

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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Guess who is already back in the headlines making waves in the social media marketing world? It’s Pinterest! (You don’t get any credit if you read the title, that’s cheating.) That’s right, the social pinboard site is expanding again, this time bringing three pretty interesting user experience offers to the table. Let’s take a look at what they are and what they mean for your social media marketing efforts.

1. Personalized Home Pages

This feature is slowly rolling out to everyone. Essentially, you’ll see a “personalized for you” link appear in the top navigation, that’s the bars at the top left of your screen. Some users are reporting not seeing this link but still seeing the change. If you have the updated homepage, what you’ll see is a collection of words and topics on pins that are categories. The categories are all different sizes, relating to either how many pins are inside or how relevant that particular category is to you. As a marketer, this means you need to start paying attention to the categories your posts may fall into. Develop cohesive themes that cover all your products and stretch across multiple boards.

2. GIFs

Whether you take your G’s hard or soft, the gif is coming to pinterest. This feature is live now for all users. All you have to do is upload a gif the same way you would an image. Once uploaded, a little play button will appear on the bottom corner of your gif. Click that to get rolling!

3. Recipe Search

This is probably the coolest of all the new Pinterest features. Not only does it let you search directly for recipes (one of Pinterest’s most popular categories), it lets you filter recipes by dietary restrictions like vegan, vegetarian, gluten, paleo, and more. Just search for a particular dish or even kind of food, and then in the search results switch to the “All Recipe” view. Once there, you can filter by diet type!  This doesn’t mean a lot for businesses yet (unless you work directly with food!) but it does paint an interesting picture for the future. Say you’re a used car dealer. How long before Pinterest picks up on words like “used” or “lease”? Just something to think about for the future!