Why Leadership is Important for Car Dealers

Posted on by Amanda Ryan
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Leadership is a word we hear often, and at times it can be over used and therefore misunderstood. But leadership is not just a word, it is an action. It is a role many struggle to uphold because it is not one that can be mastered. Instead, it is a commitment to life-long learning about oneself and the roles that come with being a leader.

What It Takes to Be an Effective Leader

To be a great leader in your dealership, you must be willing to take on the role of modeling positive behaviors, to take charge when tasks need completion, and to be an effective problem-solver. It is about sharing knowledge and clearly communicating with others.

Leaders are fully committed to producing great job performances and in doing what it takes to get the job done right. This does not mean that you have to take control of every situation, nor does it mean you need to take on heavier work loads. Great leaders know when to delegate projects and the significance of incorporating team members.

Encourage Employees to Step Up to the Leadership Plate

The leadership role is not exclusive to only the dealer principals, general managers and department managers; however, if you are in a manger role, encourage others within the dealership to grow their leadership skills. Remember, employees are your greatest resource.

Taking on the leadership role is about making everyone at the dealership want to become better at their job through seeing your actions. Treating each other better, providing excellent customer service, and in creating a positive atmosphere at the dealership, are all a part of being a great leader.

How You Lead or Don’t Lead Can Directly Effect Business

Every employee is the face of your dealership and how they are treated can directly effect business. How you act towards employees and/or co-workers will be felt by your customers. It can be seen by those at your dealership wanting to purchase a new car or taken out on consumers, intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, it is not what you want for your business.

If leaders create loyalty with their co-workers and employees because everyone knows what needs to be done and are willing to step up and do it, creating loyalty with customers becomes a much easier task. In fact, everything becomes easier.

Customers only want to come back to a dealership that makes them feel comfortable, where people are helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. If everyone at the dealership is grumbling, unwelcoming, and frustrated, it will show and it is certain customers won’t return. In the same respect, if your internet sales staff and automotive social media team are not following up on leads, you’ll lose business to competitors.

Be a leader to every co-worker, employee, and customer that comes through your dealership’s doors and you will feel and see the difference effective leadership can make. Although being a leader is not easy, it is well worth it. Put the Leadership in your Dealership by having the will, the want, and the commitment to making your dealership better than it was yesterday, everyday. After all, you can’t spell dealership without leadership!