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If you think of your website as a storefront, using an SEO company like Wikimotive is how you pave the road right to your front door.

SEO is simply the most affordable way to expose your business to the world at large. Whether you’re looking for a small business SEO company, an enterprise SEO agency, or anything in between, Wikimotive is your best bet to ensure you get to the top of page 1 for the terms your customers are searching for.

Here at Wikimotive, we’ve been breaking new ground as a search engine optimization company since the Internet was nothing more than a gleam in Al Gore’s eye. We’ve studied hard to be the best, and we have experts in all of the fields that a digital marketing company needs, including social media, keyword analysis, link building, content management, website design, and everything else it takes to succeed in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

Don’t let your competitors steal your business. Don’t go with an SEO company that’s going to use black hat techniques, take your money for a nebulous return, or worse. SEO is about more than just traffic, it’s often times the way people first discover your brand. If it’s done poorly, you’ll leave a bad impression. If it’s done well, you can start people off right, and nothing’s more important than a good first impression.

It’s not just about SEO, either. With our social media service, we help you engage with your userbase and grow the goodwill towards your brand. Social media is the future of advertising, a critical piece of the digital marketing puzzle, and our social media marketing solution provides everything your company needs to be a success.

Our slogan is “No Contracts, No Commitments, Just Results” and we stand by it 100%. We deliver increases you can see, reports you can read, and results you can measure.


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Wikimotive Welcomes Nick Cobb to its Social Media Team

From: Wikimotive's Blog
Author: Mark Frost
July 24, 2014

Wikimotive’s social media services have been wildly successful for car dealerships across the country. Our social media leaders, Erin and Amanda Ryan, are two of the most experienced social media marketers, and the latest edition to our social media team fits right in with them.
We’re happy to announce Nick Cobb as Wikimotive’s new Social Media Representative. With six years of social media experience under his belt, Nick was amongst the first group of professionals to help businesses utilize social media for promotion and advertising.

As a top user on former social news site, Nick became an expert on content and what it takes to manufacture virality.  He helped companies such as Village Voice drive millions

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Why Leadership is Important for Car Dealers

From: Wikimotive's Blog
Author: Amanda Ryan
July 14, 2014

Leadership is a word we hear often, and at times it can be over used and therefore misunderstood. But leadership is not just a word, it is an action. It is a role many struggle to uphold because it is not one that can be mastered. Instead, it is a commitment to life-long learning about oneself and the roles that come with being a leader.

What It Takes to Be an Effective Leader
To be a great leader in your dealership, you must be willing to take on the role of modeling positive behaviors, to take charge when tasks need completion, and to be an effective problem-solver. It is about sharing knowledge and clearly communicating with others.
Leaders are fully committed to producing great job performances and in

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