5 Actionable Tips for Car Dealers

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Posted on by Kyle Murray
Categories: Automotive Digital Marketing

On this week’s episode of ‘Just the Tip’ I had introduced some of the aspects of Technical SEO that we’ll be exploring in future episodes. But with so much going on in the world right now, we wanted to follow up with something a little more specific, and a little more helpful for our friends in the automotive space. So here we go…5 Actionable Tips that dealerships can use to maintain forward momentum in the weeks to come.

5. Emphasize Focus on Service Customers

Refine the focus you place on your service customers. Regardless of your geography, sales are likely to be experiencing a temporary slow-down; but many service and repair needs will continue regardless of current world events. So, it’s important to recognize that potential, and adapt your focus accordingly.

4. Use Equity Mining Tools to Build Prospects

On the sales side, make use of this time to identify potential leads.
Remember…better days are ahead, so you want to be ready for them. By using your equity mining tools you can build a comprehensive list of prospects, and identify customers who are more likely to be in the market for a new vehicle. This will help to place you in a better position for when things begin to normalize.

3. Optimize Your Online Capabilities

Optimize your virtual presence to encourage online shopping, online finance approvals, and online purchasing (as well as online scheduling of service appointments). This allows you to meet the evolving needs of those who are practicing social distancing from the safety of their homes. Be supportive of the fact that, while your customers may not currently be in a position to buy, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in researching their options.

2. Explore Home Delivery / Pickup Options

Speaking of social distancing, dealerships should explore the means by which they can offer home pick-up and delivery services – in a safe and sanitary way. And remember, the convenience of this courtesy should be extended to both sales and service customers alike.

1. Create NEW Content to Spotlight Your Efforts

With internet usage surging and Facebook traffic up as much as 50-70% worldwide, your audience may be larger than you’d usually expect. Help them by creating new content that spotlights the steps you’re taking to service them safely, sanitarily and in a socially responsible manner – and then share that message consistently across all channels. Start by creating a new landing page on your website that details your efforts. Then, update your Google My Business profile to reflect any operational changes that you’ve made. Finally, create new social media content to help spread the word about your efforts. And don’t forget to incorporate new photography and video content in all of these, because it’s important to reinforce your message visually.