Understanding the Reality of Technical SEO

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Posted on by Kyle Murray
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Everyone wants to rank higher in Google search results. It’s why we created this series…to help you understand the various aspects of Search Engine Optimization. And when it comes to SEO – fair warning – Andrew, Aaron, Josh and I will be covering a lot of territory. Just think of each topic as a box you’ll need to “tick” in order to get the most out of your website. That said, what exactly qualifies as “Technical” SEO?

Well…many things. And we’ll be doing our part to spend time on each one. We’ll talk about the inclusion of structured data on your website, as well as proper tagging practices to help Google identify and understand your content. We’ll introduce ways that you can improve Google’s ability to index your pages so that it can deliver your content to those in need of your expertise, products and services. And we’ll be covering such areas as page crawlability, response codes and page speed.

Technical SEO sounds complicated – and many parts of it are – but we’re here to help you understand why it’s so important. Think of it as the “nuts and bolts” working behind-the-scenes to help make you more visible to your audience. Without it, you might be missing opportunities that you didn’t even realize. So, if you want to learn more about the Technical aspects of SEO, be sure to keep an eye out for this beautiful mug (points to emotionless face). And if you’d like a transcript of this video, we’ve got you covered at wikimotive4.com. Just go ahead and click that link. Then join us next Thursday and every Thursday…for a wide range of SEO and digital marketing insights, right here on ‘Just the Tip’.