Unleashing the Power of Your Social Media

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Posted on by Lisa Marie
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In today’s world of social distancing, social media has become more important than ever.

From the safety of our homes, it’s allowed each of us to interact with our family, friends and co-workers in a socially responsible way. It’s enabled teachers and students to continue their education plans. It’s changed the way that we support the brands, businesses and organizations that play a role in our lives, and it’s empowered them to explore new, appropriate ways of supporting us in return. And with so many people eager to spread positivity, social media has made it possible for us to feel more connected…as part of a global community.

But what does this mean to you?

In a word: EVERYTHING.

So, if you want to optimize your social media presence…during COVID-19…through 2020…and beyond, stay tuned…because we have “Just the Tip” for you.

Social Media. We all think of it differently, and we all use it differently. Back in 2010, less than 40% of U.S. adults were active on a single social media platform. Ten years later, it’s estimated that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans – regardless of age – are active on one or more platform.

How many social media platforms do you actively use?




What about Snapchat? 

Or TikTok? 

Okay, what about LinkedIn?



Or WhatsApp?

It’s important to remember that each of these platforms could offer unique value to businesses like yours, because Social Media has become far more than just “Likes”, “Hearts” and Filters.

Your Social Media presence is one of the most powerful customer channels your business has. It allows for real-time engagement. Some of these platforms offer a place where all of your personalized multimedia content, from blog posts to videos, can be syndicated for a wider audience. Others give you a place where you can create truly unique branding opportunities. Plus, most platforms offer targeted ad placement, so – whatever your message is – you can deliver it exactly where you want it.

And we’ll cover all of it. We’ll explore each platform, and their generational impact. This includes the most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as the niche platforms you might want to explore. We’re going to discuss the growing importance of “Stories” features, and how you can best use them. And we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about strengthening the audience that you have – and creating the audience that you want.

We have a lot to cover, but remember…you can check out all of our videos and transcripts at Wikimotive.com – just click that link! Then join us next Thursday – and every Thursday – for more digital marketing insights, on ‘Just the Tip’.