5 Steps to Getting Your Content Shared

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Just writing your content is not enough, you need to design it from the ground up to be as shareable as possible. Having your content spread across the web is a pivotal part of any search engine optimization strategy, and here are the 5 key factors to make that happen:

1. Unique

If you’re writing the same thing as everyone else out there, no one is going to read your stuff. Sure, there are only so many news stories and developments related to your industry, but you need to take those stories and add your own spin to them. People can read a straight news story anywhere, your blog is the only place they can get your opinion.

2. Make it Easy

If you want people to share your work, don’t put the onus on them. Every piece of content you produce should have easy sharing buttons right there on the page. In most cases, this can be easily accomplished with a s simple plugin like “Add This.” People are far more likely to share your content to their social networks if you make it as easy as a single click.

3. Short and Sweet

Long, well-researched content does well, but long paragraphs do poorly. If you’re looking to get your content shared effectively, either write shorter pieces that people can skim, or write longer pieces broken up into easily digestible chunks. Lists work great, and so do section sub-headers.

4. Practical

Your content needs to be as practical as possible. Sure, sometimes you’ll get super specific and dive deep into an issue, but the majority of the time you want your content to have universal appeal throughout your industry. People need to read it and think, “my friends, fans and followers could benefit from this too!”

5. Consistent

Consistency is the last and possibly largest point. You need to set a schedule and stick to it firmly. When people check your site for the expected update and it isn’t there, they probably won’t check in the future. Having your content shared requires an audience, and building that audience takes consistency.

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