Brilliant Ajax Social Wipes

Posted on by Zach Billings
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When you think social media genius, what’s the first brand that comes to mind? A lot of people praise Taco Bell for their snarky Twitter comments, others laud the versatility and lifestyle branding of the energy drink company Red Bull. Very few people, if any, think of the cleaning solution company Ajax when they think of social success, but that’s all about to change. Ajax just launched an awesome new social campaign, and it’s getting their name into new venues all across the web.

This week, Ajax launched a virtual offering called Ajax Social Wipes. Much like Ajax’s real products clean up your home (little buzz marketing there), the Ajax Social Wipes clean up your social networks. You simple install the apps onto your Facebook or Twitter account, and you are given a simple interface to manage (meaning obliterate completely) all those pesky fans, followers and likes you no longer need.

“Loving a brand doesn’t mean you love it forever popping up in your newsfeed,” a quote on the site says. “Ajax Social Wipes allow you to spring clean your newsfeed of all the brands that have built up over time….Your Twitter followers are not always what they seem. Ajax Social Wipes allows you to spring clean your timeline by detecting and removing spambots that have built up over time.”

It’s a little cheesy, but that’s okay. The apps really work and while they may be simple, that’s the beauty of the whole thing. Ajax stepped out of their comfort zone and used a little wordplay to dig their toes into a whole new market. That’s not to say they are getting into the software game. They are just spreading their influence into social networks in an interesting way. After all, without a stunt like this, what reason would anyone ever have for following a cleaning product company?