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In today’s digital marketing world, content is king, but not everyone has the time to be creating content (or so they claim). As a result, they turn to plagiarizing content from other sources on the web to fulfill their own site’s content needs. Not only is this immoral and just a lousy thing to do, it’s also ultimately bad for your SEO. If Google catches you plagiarizing content, you’ll get penalized, often times very severely. To prevent this, we recommend you not only don’t plagiarize yourself, but that you check the work of others in your online marketing company occasionally to make sure everything is on the up and up. Here are some easy ways to do it.

To test each site, we took a 300 word section of one of our older blogs and ran it through the engine. Below, we only listed services that found the plagiarism:


Free Plagiarism Checking Tools:

1. Plagiarism Checker by  Small SEO Accoutrement

This one is quick and simple. The page is a little ad heavy, but it gets the job done with a reasonable degree of accuracy. For our test, it deduced that there was 6% original content. Not perfect, but pretty dang close.


This site not only identified the material as stolen, it also listed where it was stolen from. It didn’t find every instance of the material, but it found the original and a couple off-shoots. Definitely software you can rely on.


The third is It identified that there was at least 25% non-unique material. Not as good as the other two options, but at least it caught it.

We tried probably 10 other sites as well, but none of them were up to snuff. My personal recommendation is that you use for your checking needs. If you want to use another service, just do yourself a favor and test it on your own material first.

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