Matt Cutts Keynote at PubCon 2013

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If you read this blog, than you know the name Matt Cutts. In fact, if you’re involved with SEO in any capacity, you should know the name Matt Cutts. Here at Wikimotive, there used to be this one guy who didn’t know Matt Cutts.

He doesn’t work here anymore.

The fact is that he’s one of (if not THE) most influential figure in all of SEO. He is Google’s mouth and even though the information is often timed filtered through layers and layers of PR, it’s still the best info from the source that we have. This week he spoke at PubCon 2013, and we wanted to share the speech with you. First though, a little bit about PubCon for the uninitiated.

PubCon is one of the biggest new media and optimization conferences around. It started way back in 2000 as a more informal gathering though. In fact, it was so informal, it was just a handful of developers and webmasters and optimizers gathered at a pub, hence the name PubCon was born.

Over the years it has grown more and more official, and now it is pretty much the biggest and best conference for optimization, social media, and digital marketing in general. The Las Vegas meeting that was held this past weekend is where all the most notable speakers, including the aforementioned Matt Cutts.

Below, you’ll find Matt Cutts’ speech in its entirety. We’ll do a more in-depth breakdown next week, but for now, through it on during your lunch hour and absorb all of the semi-wisdom and half-revealed truths you can handle.