What Happened to ‘People Talking About This’ on Facebook?

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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Page administrators and automotive social media managers may be startled when they look for Facebook’s PTAT (People Talking About This) metric, as it is no longer located under “Page Likes” on individual Facebook pages. ‘

Is Facebook’s PTAT gone for good? No.

Before we dig deeper, let’s discuss what “People Talking About This” truly means for Facebook Pages.

What is PTAT (People Talking About This)?
“People Talking About This” is a metric known to those who manage Facebook pages as an indicator on how well a Facebook Page is doing. The higher the number the better.

What Creates the PTAT Number?

Facebook’s PTAT is created through engagement, on the page and elsewhere on Facebook as long as the Facebook page is properly mentioned using a tag (an @ symbol prior to the name).

It is also made up of what Facebook considers “stories”–through various actions and interactions that are connected to your Facebook Page.

They can include:

  • Page Likes
  • Post by Others
  • Post Likes
  • Post Comments
  • Post Shares
  • Page Events RSVP’s
  • Page Tagged in Photos
  • Check-In’s
  • Reviews
  • Claims Offers

Actions on posts that your page shares are important. It’s also why relevant, quality posts are imperative to improving your Facebook marketing strategy and your PTAT score.

So…Where Can I Find PTAT Now? 

Looks like Facebook has done some rearranging of Facebook Pages once again. Normally, one could click under the Facebook Page “Likes” and easily see the PTAT metric.

Now, when you click on Likes, it will take you within Facebook Insights displaying Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement.

Facebook Insights Now Under Page Likes

To find Facebook’s PTAT you will now need to click on the “More” tab located under your Facebook Page’s cover photo.

You will need to click “Likes” in order to view your Page’s PTAT.


Looks like Facebook wants to encourage users to look at Facebook Insights to view what makes up the PTAT instead of just the number itself by this latest update to Facebook’s PTAT location.

The happy ending here is that Facebook’s PTAT is still alive. You can now breathe easy once again!