How to Create Engaging Content by Repurposing Boring Content

Posted on by Mark Frost
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Boring content is typically the type of content created to strictly inform consumers about your product, explain a position, or simply sell.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with boring content. Its purpose is pretty simple: convert visitors into leads and provide quick/simple information. A couple of good examples would be landing pages and about pages.

You can make these fun and interesting, but marketing material and information about you or your company aren’t likely to garner a lot of links. It’s also not likely people are going to comment on these pages, or share them on Facebook and other social media sites.

That’s okay, though. You can still repurpose the content you use on these pages in a way that attracts new readers, leads, links, and social shares that you might otherwise be missing out on.

Picking the Best Format for Engaging Your Audience


If you haven’t used a search engine to guide you through something in the past week, I’d be shocked. The web is filled with millions of how-to articles on every subject/topic you could ever imagine.

Think of your industry. Whether it’s automotive, food, or pest control, you can provide readers with insightful articles that will improve their lives, make your website a research, and indirectly promote your services.

For instance, someone searching for a recipe on Baby Back Ribs might find themselves on Longhorn Steakhouse’s website, where they host their recipe. This helps people who are interested in making their own delicious ribs at home, and also promotes Longhorn.

So start thinking of ways you can turn your services into helpful tips and tricks. You’ll find that the more value you provide readers, the more your website and business will flourish.


There’s no questioning the fact that lists rule the internet. We love absorbing information, and we like getting it done quickly.

With lists, we can do both! So instead of having to read through a long, boring article on a subject, most sites now offer lists that basically “Cliff Note” these for easier consumption.

Being an automotive SEO company, Wikimotive will often take boring press releases and information about new vehicles and create lists that help consumers learn more about our client’s inventory in a simple and fun way.

A great example of this would be the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. We got plenty of pictures, press releases, and other bits of information, but does the average person want to read through all of that to get to the information they want? Of course not!

For the Camaro, we could create a list of “5 Amazing Facts” or “10 Things You Have to Know.” Both get the reader excited for the information within, and we can quickly get each point across in a way that actually makes it more interesting than it might otherwise appear to non-enthusiasts.