The Value of Facebook Page Insights

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Posted on by Jason Cook
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Over the last couple of weeks, your dealership’s use of Social Media has been more important than ever…especially on Facebook. But whether you’ve been creating original video content, or updating your customers through regular posting, you should be gauging the success of your efforts. Which is why we want to help you to better understand Facebook Analytics – and the difference between your Facebook Page Insights, and your Facebook Audience Insights. This week, we’ll be covering the former…so here we are, Part One of a two-part series.

Atop your dealership’s Facebook Page – depending on your view – you’ll either find the Insights Tab – or the option of viewing your Insights by clicking More. Once you’ve entered your Insights, you’ll see the Overview option to the left of the screen. This gives you a high-level view of the activity on your page, and can be modified to display timelines ranging from 1-28 days.

Your overview consists of three sections (i) The Page Summary (ii) Your 5 Most Recent Posts, and (iii) Pages to Watch.


The Page Summary provides high level insights as to how well your page is performing. You can see when performance is up period-over-period, and when it’s down. And that visibility is provided across a number of views, each of which we’re going to provide some context for. Why? Because it’s easy to give it a quick scan, looking for an indication of whether you’re ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ but it’s important to understand the value provided by each of these views.

Beginning with “Actions on Page. This shows you the the total clicks your page has received through your call-to-action button or the contact information listed on your page. Next up is “Page View”. Which shows your how many people are viewing your page, which includes those viewing it, even if they’re not actively logged into Facebook. Then comes “Page Preview”. This tells you the number of people who view a preview of your page, by hovering their mouse over your page information.“Page Likes” is, well, exactly what you’d think it is…That’s followed by  “Post Reach”, which is how many people have seen your posts within their newsfeed. That same sort of visibility is provided for your use of the Facebook’s “Stories” feature through “Story Reach”. “Post Engagement” gives your visibility of the total number of Likes, Comments and Shares your content has received, both directly and indirectly. “Recommendations” shows you how many people are using Facebook to recommend your dealership. While “Responsiveness” communicates the effectiveness with which you’re communicating with customers via Facebook Messenger. And, of course, you also have visibility of any new “Page Followers”.


This features speaks to convenience, and refines your view, allowing you to focus on the Reach and Engagement of your most recently-posted content. It also provides a quick and easy means of boosting that content, without having to navigate over to Facebook Business or Ad Center.


Measuring your own social media efforts is important, but what about those of your competitors? The ‘Pages to Watch’ features provides valuable insights as to the engagement on their pages and content, and the means of seeing how your efforts measure up to theirs in the eyes of your local Facebook audience. In other words, it can help you to understand what both you and your competitors are subjectively doing better – or not as well – as one another.

So, there you have it a better understanding of your Facebook Page Insights, which we’ll continue to build on over time. But next week, we’ll be pack with Part 2, focusing on the value in your Facebook Audience Insights. So be sure to join us then, as well as next Thursday…and EVERY Thursday, for more digital marketing insights, on “Just the Tip”.