2013 Local Search Ranking Factors

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Local search is one of the most important aspects of search. A good local search strategy can be the difference between complete success and abysmal failure for a small business operating on the local or regional level. The problem is that Google switches up what matters so often, these small business are often left in a state of constant worry. One algorithm update doesn’t go their way, and suddenly their fledgling business is in dire straights. There is a way to avoid the trouble though, you have to stay on top of every move Google makes by keeping up with the news. Rarely are the algorithm updates complete surprises to those who pay attention and watch the trends. And speaking of trends, we have the results of Moz’s 2013 local search ranking factors survery.

Let’s see what’s succeeding and failing in local search.

I know some of you are pretty busy, so I’ll start you out with the overview. Here is the graphic of the results:

2013 Local Search

The reality in 2013 is that local signals are more convoluted than they have ever been. You have the paid results, the old fashioned search results, the local carousel, the Google+ results, and other variables. All of these aspects need to be optimized for differently. In this way, local search has become a game of details. The business that dedicates time and effort to creating and maintaining all of these different aspects will be the winner of local. It’s as simple as that.


You may be wondering where these numbers are coming from. If you aren’t, you should be. I could have made that pie graph in excel for all you know. Get your head in the game!

The numbers come from the survey conducted by Moz, and they poll a broad field of experts on the subject of local search. This includes small business owners, search agencies owners and representatives, and search community leaders. For the complete results broken down in a bunch of different ways, check out Moz’s results page.

We’ll be taking an in-depth look at these results next week, so be sure to check back for the breakdown.

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