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Everyone understands that it’s important to have a Facebook page, and a Facebook marketing strategy, but you need to be sure it’s not stagnating. Once you’re established, your new goal should be gaining as many fans as humanly possible. It can be tricky sometimes, as people aren’t always keen to follow a business on their personal page, but it’s possible. We list five of our favorite techniques below!

Put a “LIKE” box on your business’s webpage. This way, people who are interested enough to visit your site will also be converted into Facebook fans, ensuring that you are marketing to an appropriate, interested demographic.

Be sure to Cross promote your Facebook page. You should have a link to your Facebook page as your signature for emails, forums, and any other form of widely seen correspondence. Additionally, it’s generally easier to gain followers on Twitter than Facebook, so make sure you are Tweeting your Facebook URL so you’re Twitter followers can be a fan on both platforms!

Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your business. You can’t join as a Business, but you can use your personal profile to become involved with pertinent communities on Facebook. Be sure not to just spam you’re business page though. Become an active, contributing member of the community so you’re not regarded as a shill.

One you have a decent sized fan base, ask them to get involved. A simple request that they share your page will garner a surprisingly large response. Remember that it’s a two-way street though. Be there with the answers when your fans have questions or comments about your business.

Finally, remember that content is king. If you’re posting interesting content on your page, the fans will come. Interesting doesn’t just mean the sales you’re having or the services you offer; in fact, keep those posts to a minimum. Post content that is funny or provocative, content that people will want to share with their friends. That’s the best way to organically grow your fan base and have people eager to view your page!

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