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You’ve probably heard of It’s a social news website where users can submit links. These links are voted on, either up or down, so that quality posts move towards the first page and other posts fade into obscurity. Usually, Reddit is talked about as a great place to find interesting content, but the site offers more than that. It can be a great asset for marketing and SEO.

Subreddits are custom-made sub-forums on They can be reached by appending the URL with /r/subredditname. These subreddits cover everything from funny pictures to very specific fields of study. No matter what kind of interests you have, Reddit has a place, and a community, to talk about it.

As an example, lets take search engine optimization. If you’re reading this blog, then you must have at least a peripheral interest in SEO. At, you’ll find an entire community devoted to discussing the ins and outs of the field. For instance, on the front page now are posts like “Fixing URL canonicalization issues” and “Keyword Cannibalism vs. Long Tail Keywords.”

If you’re worried about being a little new, you shouldn’t be. Reddit is a pretty friendly place. Just create a username (it’s stupid simple) and ask a question if you have one. As long as it’s not something that you could have answered yourself with a minute on Google, you’ll find the community is more than willing to help you out.

Reddit works on a system called karma. These are the points you get as your posts are voted up or down. Don’t worry too much about it, but be aware that many Reddit users will check your post history, so don’t just ask. If you’re capable, get out there and answer questions others may have too!

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