Twitter May Be Changing The Favorite Button

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Twitter is planning to get rid of their favorite button in favor of something a little more Facebook-y. They want to actually add a tool similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ tool, which may be use the terms ‘like’ or ‘star’. The company is saying they want to change the wording just to make it seem “lighter weight” but it could still have an impact on Twitter marketing.

Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo confirmed their intention to make the change, stating that it should offer a more lightweight way to highlight tweets making it easier for companies marketing through Twitter to gain more traction. “We’re testing some alternative terms for favourite. Favourite feels a little bit too heavy weight so we’re testing some lighter weight terms,” Costolo said. “Engagement begets engagement. The lighter weight and more frictionless you make it to engage, the more engagement you’ll get.”

Costolo also didn’t miss the chance to point out that Twitter is now serving up half a billion tweets a day from their 140 million active users. During the first presidential debate, tweets peaked at around 8,000 tweets per second.

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