ComScores for December 2013

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We’re halfway through the month so you know what means, the ComScore data for the previous month is finally available! What search engines finished out 2013 strong and who continued their inevitable but tragic clown car skip into obscurity? Let’s take a look and find out.

The major winner was, of course of course, Google. The search engine juggernaut finished out the 2013 year with near record numbers. Google’s all time search engine share high is 67.5 percent and they managed to hit 66.7 in November and closed out with 67.3 in December, nearly tying their own record.

Bing also grew last month, but they definitely aren’t seeing the growth rate that they’ve been hoping for. They moved from 18.1 percent of the search share to 18.2. However, the same time last year they were only at 16.3 so overall, it was a decent year to Bing it On (trademark symbol).

Yahoo is continuing their tragic fall. Really, it’s like they stepped on a banana peel in 2011 and we’ve just been watching the result in slow motion ever since. They are at an all time low of 10.8 percent of the search share, and they continue to fall.

Now, the dregs. It may not surprise you to hear that Ask and AOL are doing as poorly as ever. In fact, they had a small victory this month by not failing quite so hard as they’ve been failing. They both only lost a single percent of the search engine share. Ask fell from 2.6 to 2.5 percent and AOL dropped from 1.4 to 1.3 percent.

So those are the scores for 2013. Nothing too shocking, but it’s interesting to see that Bing is still moving upwards. With all of the changes that Google has been throwing around willy nilly, I think people are ready for a serious competitor to force  the search giant to play a little bit nicer.