Don’t Panic: Facebook’s 2014 Newsfeed Redesign is Subtle

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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Yet again, we are looking at new changes to the Facebook Newsfeed. This time last year, Facebook showed off a concept redesign and overhaul of its look to users. This time around, however, there won’t be too much of a noticeable difference.

Yet with every change to social networks, especially Facebook, as a digital marketing company or Facebook user, you should be aware of what is happening in the instance that it may affect your business. Luckily, the pending changes to the Facebook Newsfeed are not one to alarm marketers. The changes are quite subtle — in fact, they will hardly be noticeable.

The changes to the Facebook Newsfeed will be directed more so to having both desktop and mobile Facebook newsfeeds replicate each other and to have images load better for a more user-friendly, visually appealing look to and for the top social network.

Although you do not need to stress about this change, you should be aware that images will be larger and the font within the newsfeed will change. The way images in organic stories and Facebook Ads will remain the same and so will the content to people or Facebook Ads themselves.

Although these are minor changes to the Facebook Newsfeed, it is always important to remain informed and learn what details matter and what will affect you or your client. Even if they don’t make a personal impact, it is still relevant knowledge that you can have to explain when any questions arise or if these minor changes will tie into changes that have yet to come to Facebook.

Even the smallest of knowledge provides power and being able to provide answers to clients when they see the changes and are unsure of what is happening on Facebook will empower you (as a marketer) and them even further.

Check the images below for a full look at the design changes:


2014 Newsfeed


Old Newsfeed