Businesses Can Now Schedule Promoted Posts

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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There are many different ways a business can use Facebook Ads, from multiple automated ads to boosting individual posts. But the newest form of post page engagement is by scheduling them in advance.

If you use Facebook pages, you may have noticed that some of your posts that were scheduled seemed to have not gone out in the past few days or display an error. This is most likely due to the recent upgrade Facebook has made to its scheduling portion on Facebook Pages.

Facebook is Unavoidably Pay to Play

As it has been stated many times, as a business, you need to “pay to play”. Facebook pages are a marketing and advertising platform that has proven to work for businesses from an array of industries and remains at the top compared to other social networks.

However, many who try and use Facebook Ads in bulk (by adding multiple Ads together) may find it a little too advanced or would prefer to boost a post individually, depending on their budget. This form of Facebook advertising is also a great way to test Facebook promoted post engagement, but can also be time consuming.

Hiring a digital marketing company to manage your business’s presence on Facebook has become common practice, even among small businesses.

Enter Scheduled Promoted Posts

Now, Facebook allows Managers and Owners of Facebook Pages to boost posts in advance, which means that under their scheduling area you can now schedule posts to promote when they are published.

This saves time to not have to go back to a post to promote, it will automatically boost once LIVE on the page and you can choose the date and time.

facebook scheduled promoted posts

Use Ads to Supplement Organic Strategy

With that said, as much as Facebook Ads are a necessity for businesses, they can also be harmful if used incorrectly. As I have stated in past posts, ads on Facebook are only a part of the overall strategy. The type of content shared, along with how it works with Facebook’s algorithm need to be taken into consideration.

No business should expect that any type of Facebook Ad will produce a ton of social actions. Social actions received will be dependent on your content, as well as how it is presented. Facebook Ads only grants exposure, not inflated fake likes (for the most part).

This is certainly a more convenient way of using Facebook Ads and will most certainly be taken advantage of in the coming weeks. However, boosting individual posts is not the most efficient form of using Facebook Ads and promoted posts. Facebook’s Ads Manager or Power Editor is where you can create Facebook Ads that can produce strong, lasting results.