Wikimotive’s Erin Ryan Talks Social Media on Auto Dealer Live

Posted on by Mark Frost
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Part of being a great digital marketing company is participating in the various communities based around online business and social media. For Wikimotive, our favorite community is automotive marketing, and we’re always excited to talk with other industry professionals about the latest news, and give insight into how we add value to car dealers across the country.

Our own Director of Social Media, Erin Ryan, recently had an opportunity to talk directly to the automotive marketing community, appearing on the popular web show Auto Dealer Live. Hosted by Dave Villa, Auto Dealer Live covers all aspects of the automotive industry from the car dealer perspective — particularly the importance of a web presence.

During her appearance, a part of a Women in the Automotive Industryy special, Erin talked about a hot topic of discussion in the industry: Facebook ads. She drove home the point that Facebook ads do not magically accumulate likes when applied to a page or post. Ads only buy your Facebook posts exposure. It’s up to your content and social media team to create the quality content that gets users liking, commenting, and sharing.

And we know that all of that leads to more and more exposure for your business, which will translate into more sales.

Another point Erin made, that is especially important for dealers just getting started in social media, is to start on Facebook and create content relevant to your business in order to attract the right users. You don’t just want to throw content up — there needs to be a strategy. Focus on general automotive content, local content, and then work in some content that gets people talking about the cars you sell. That’s where the real value is in social media.

You can view the show in its entirety below. Simply scroll to the 15:30 mark to catch Erin and the other members of the Women in the Automotive Industry panel discuss social media marketing.