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Posted on by Josh Billings
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Here we go, another quick one. Your customers have questions. You have answers. Pretty simple right? Here’s the thing, though…other people have answers to, and Google gives them the means of answering those questions if you don’t get to them first. This, of course, opens to the door to our old friend, Misinformation…so, pay attention.

Here we are on the SERP dashboard, home of all our favorite little buttons and – yup – there’s one for ‘Q&A’. Click it, and up pops all of your questions and answers. They are also available within your GBP itself and anyone on the internet can view your Q&A, ask a question, or answer one. Your goal should be to monitor your GBP Q&A at all times, and respond promptly – ensuring that the answer given is correct, and aligns with your dealership’s brand voice and policy.

You can also be proactive by asking and answering common questions, creating the GBP equivalent of an FAQ page. Not only is this recommended by Wikimotive, it’s recommended by Google. Once done, take the time to “rally your troops” and have them “Like” those answers. The upvote serves as an endorsement, and will help your answer to be featured above any others. That same tactic can be used if a third party answers a question incorrectly, or even in a derogatory manner. Have your official answer upvoted so that it sits more prominently.

Quick and easy, right?

We’ll be back to explore more areas of GBP DIY that you can perform but, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have questions? Not sure how to manage or optimize a particular feature within your GBP? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be glad to help!