Google Accounts for 25% of Internet Traffic

Posted on by Daniel Hinds
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When it comes to search, everyone knows that Google is king. They just dominate the game in every way, with other companies like Bing and Yahoo scrambling to pick up the scraps. Well, it turns out that Google is dominating more than just search. A newly published study is showing that Google is involved with over twenty-five percent of ALL U.S. internet traffic. That’s right, at least a quarter of everything you do on the internet brings Google into play. If you weren’t doing it already, this should provide another clear indicator of where you should focus your search engine optimization.

This is news because as recently as 2010, Google was only involved in only 6 percent of internet traffic. The leap is due largely in part to the deployment of Google servers in the form of the Google Global Cache, a delivery platform that now has servers with nearly all U.S. internet providers. These servers, combined with analytics and advertising, mean that Google is pretty much everywhere on the web. When you think about it like that, it’s really no surprise they are able to adjust their algorithms so efficiently to block spammy SEO techniques and bad websites.

How do you feel about Google being involved in so much of the web? Will we eventually stray into antitrust territory?

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