Google Acquires Instagram Competitor: Snapseed

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Google is back in the buying market, with the acquisition of a company that seems to be directly related to their battle with Facebook. Google acquired Nik Software, an app development company focused on photography. One app in particular is of note as a competitor to Instagram and winner of the iPad app of the year award in 2011. The app called Snapseed already has 9 million users and should help Google out with their own social media marketing.

Snapseed includes some important features that Instagram does not, mainly the ability to do more advanced editing of photos. Google+ has always been a platform where imagery is very important so an acquisition like this makes a lot of sense.

Google+ will also benefit from a good chunk of those 9 million current users of Snapseed as well, although Google has also announced that they have reached 100 million monthly active users. Google isn’t really clear on whether those users are only active once a month, or more, or in what way. Having recently been in the social media marketing game with Google+ we’re not convinced this is a true representation of their user base.

Do you think Google+ has any chance of legitimately competing with Facebook? Will the acquisition of Nik Software, and Snapseed give them a boost? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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