How can I tell if a page is performing well?

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So, you want to know how to determine whether or not a specific page on your side is performing? Grab your laptop and open your Google Analytics 4 account, and we’ll lay it out for you step-by-step.

Go into ‘Reports’

Go into 'reports'










Select the URL that you want to check-out.

Going down to engagement, pages and screens.

Engagement > Pages and screens





























Pretty straightforward so far but stick with me because the next little part they’ve hidden. So you’ve got a long list of all the pages on your website in order of how they’re performing, which is fine if you’re interested in just getting shotgunned with information about performance, but we’re looking for the performance of a a URL.

Here, they’ve hidden this little search query bar.

Hidden search









Hidden Search 2





























And in here, you can paste the end of the URL leaving out your main domain, then hit ‘Enter’.

From here, we can see a number of different cave eyes that are important and useful for us.

Different KPIS











We have views, users, and views per users. That’s simple math there: a user is a single human being, a single human being can have multiple views. Maybe they’ve come back to this page a couple times. Maybe they’re really interested, so they’ve said, “I forgot what I read about that. I need to go read it again.”

Now, another great KPI for us is what’s the engagement time? If the engagement time is short, that can mean that day your content is not very good and not very interesting, but it can also mean that they took a quick step to make a conversion. They’ve already moved on to the next step and closer to being a client rather than just a visitor. That’s a great thing.

You’re gonna have to do a little bit of figuring out to see whether that actually happened by checking your invent account.

Now if you’re on a website that is properly set up with the Automotive Standards Council, ASC, guidelines for GA four, you’re going to have a lot of different events that are named out. And you’re also going to have a number of different conversions that should be laid out for you. Now seeing the proper events, say it’s a form fill or a contact or a phone those are all great signs that this page is performing well for you. And you should all be tracking those things as conversions as well.

So if you’re not seeing these things track, definitely reach out to your website provider and have them toggle those on for you. Now, if you’re seeing positive numbers across the board, you’re seeing a nice number of users. You’ve got more views than users, which means they’re coming back again to view it again. You’re seeing an engagement time of more than a minute is probably a good rule of thumb.

And you’re seeing them having a high event count and or conversion count. That page is performing nicely. Now, take stock, like Hey, this is doing great. Move on.

Check out your other pages. Go through your list. Remember spreadsheets are your best friend in SEO.