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Google Hummingbird


The Google Hummingbird update has remained a mystery to many. It’s different than Penguin or Panda, and the scope of it is a lot bigger, so people aren’t sure exactly how to approach it. We don’t blame them either. It hasn’t been fully explained and people just don’t have the time to dedicate to doing all of the SEO research themselves. To help you out, we have a few Hummingbird infographics that break down the available information into digestible chunks. Pretty much, we’re the momma bird in this scenario.

Time to eat!


This first infographic is light on content, but perfect to show to your boss or someone else who asks you to describe Hummingbird but doesn’t really care about the answer. In the end, it recommends creating quality content, which is just the standard at this point. Anyway, here it is:






This next infographic gets a little more into the grit of what Hummingbird covers. In essence, you need to create content that fosters conversation and answers questions. If you write your content with Hummingbird in mind (as this infographic recommends) you’ll definitely do pretty well. This one comes to us from

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Finally, this infographic is the single most informative Hummingbird infographic I’ve ever seen. If you don’t learn something from this, I’ll eat my life-sized poster of Matt Cutts: