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Did you catch that line? If you didn’t watch the video clip, do it now…

“Your site got 2,200 hits within 2 hours? Thousand… 22,000…” But that kind of traffic is only for MONSTER sites like Facebook right? Only the elite few super sites out there ever experience huge rushes of attention to their sites. How could a business or organization hope to do anything like that?


There are a few of us out there that know the secrets to generating monster volumes of site traffic. What I can tell you here, is that is at center stage when it comes to driving huge amounts of interest in short periods of time. But there is more to it than simply submitting your article on digg. You have to hit digg’s front page. Unless you stumble upon an incredible piece of comedic social gold, it is nearly impossible to get on Digg’s front page… unless you know the secrets…

This is not the kind of secret that comes down to clicking a few buttons and voila you hit front page. This one takes commitment. It takes time and patience. It takes about 30-60 days before you can get yourself in a position to hit digg’s front page. But once you do and you do it consistently, you can generate bursts of huge volumes of traffic. I have seen a few instances where websites have crashed as a result of a popular story on

So why won’t I reveal this secret? I’m always sharing all kinds of great info. What is so special about this? Well it is likely that the system would change if too many people knew the secret or if the powers that be knew the information was made so publicly available. In addition, most people are not dedicated enough to make the commitment to practice the technique every day. In order for this technique to work, it requires someone to dedicate an hour or 2 every day. It is also very monotonous.

As part of my training, I offer this knowledge for the truly ambitious who want more than to just begin to enhance their online presence. This is for that person who wants to not only be the best in their business, but set a benchmark across their industry as it pertains to online marketing.

That’s it?

There are other social media sites that can offer smaller more consistent volumes of traffic. In the next article, I’ll be discussing those other social media marketing techniques that can be used that require less commitment and who’s secrets can be revealed. The reason for this posting is so that you know something like this exists. There is really nothing else like it in that you can direct such high volumes of traffic to YOUR site as opposed to a youtube video or something of that nature which directs traffic somewhere else. Thanks for taking the time to learn your craft. Please comment and REMEMBER: There are no stupid questions!

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