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Pinterest has been on our radar for a while now, but there hasnʼt been a lot of hard data showing how the network compares to its contemporaries. Thanks to a new study done by Shareaholic though, we now know a lot more about the benefits of Pinterest marketing. So how does it stack up? Pretty darn well actually.

Shareaholic examined their network of over 200,000 publishers who reach an average of 300 million people each month. Theyʼre results were pretty shocking. Over the course of the last few months, Pinterest has driven a higher percentage of traffic than the following sources:

–Twitter –Stumbleupon –Bing

It may seem a little crazy, and itʼs definitely not the biggest sample size, but itʼs significant enough that you canʼt (or shouldnʼt) ignore it.

The only factors BIGGER than Pinterest, according to this study, are Google organic search, direct traffic, and Facebook. In fact, since May, Pinterest has more than doubled the traffic it drives. If it keeps up a similar growth rate (big if) then by the end of the year it will rival Facebook for traffic driving relevancy.

Does this mean you should rush out and create a Pinterest? Yes and no.

No, because this is just one study by one group and doesnʼt necessarily accurately reflect the world at large.

Yes, because you should already have a Pinterest. If your company has a lot of aesthetically pleasing products, then youʼre crazy if you donʼt. Even if your business doesnʼt market much to women (still Pinterestʼs main userbase) or have a lot of great visuals, you should still have one. It takes about two hours to set up a nice account, and then you can safely put it on the back burner.

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