Say Farewell to Automatically Promoting New Page Posts on Facebook

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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In recent days, Facebook has made a drastic change to its Page Post Engagement Ads. This latest update to Facebook Promoted Posts (Page Post Engagement Ads) has axed the featured that allows page admins to promote new posts automatically. This will likely affect many marketers and vendors.

Facebook originally simplified promoted post ads by allowing marketers to check off a box that would automatically promote each post that went out on a Facebook page. Now, Facebook only wants you to promote your most important content, which means you will need to promote posts manually.

Automatic promoted posts were essential time saver, and allowed many businesses to “set and forget” — unless of course an ad failed to perform. Now businesses will have to devote time and effort to every promoted post that you wish to have on your Facebook page.

Facebook did warn us that changes were coming to Facebook Ads with new “Campaign Sets,” but failed to mention that automatic promoted posts were going to disappear.

Many Facebook Ads have seen the new changes, while some are still rolling out. The image above is being seen both in Ads Manager and Power Editor so don’t think you will escape it if you use one or the other, it too will appear soon enough if it hasn’t for you already.

Marketers, be prepared to alter your Facebook strategy to accommodate these new changes and start thinking of how you will handle them as a business. If you do not have the time to manually promote posts then you may need to seriously consider hiring an internet marketing company.

Clearly this will affect the Facebook algorithm as well, and I speculate that Facebook’s decision is an attempt to get rid of News Feed clutter.

What are your concerns about Facebook disabling automatic promoted posts?

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