Should You Hire A Ghostwriter?

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Itʼs pretty much a universally known fact in the industry that blogging is a vital part of any search engine optimization strategy. Everyone understands you need a blog, the trouble comes from figuring out just who exactly is going to write it. Should you handle it in-house or should you have it ghostwritten? There are ups and downs to both sides.

If you can, writing it in-house should always be your first choice. If you have a talented writer who can produce consistent content without detracting from their full-time job, then youʼre one of the lucky ones! Just be sure that whoever is doing the writing is sticking to a schedule and not phoning it in. This works great because anyone you already employ will inherently understand your business and be able to write relevant material.

If you donʼt have the time or the talent available, ghostwriting can be a great alternative. Finding someone with experience in your industry is a bonus, but really it all comes down to talent. Youʼll find cheap options from overseas, but do you really want your blog written by a non-native speaker? Usually the prose will come out stilted and it will be obvious that the writer isnʼt you.

When hiring a ghostwriter, be sure to obtain a few writing samples first. If they wonʼt provide any, then move on. This content is going to be representing you, so make sure that the quality is up to your standards.

If youʼre interested in starting your own blog, Wikimotive provides a blog creation service where weʼll set up your blog using SEO best practices, so that all you have to do is start writing. If you donʼt feel like writing, we offer a custom ghostwriting service that is without peer. Contact Wikimotive for more information.

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