Social Media Marketing Losing its Way (Infographic)

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When social media first hit the scene, it was pretty much ignored by marketers. After all, why should they care where teenagers go to complain about their parents? They quickly realized their mistake though, and embraced social media as a great avenue to interact with fans. It was the only venue where you could advertise, receive immediate feedback, and then have a complete dialogue with a customer or fan. It started so positive, but it has slipped in recent years. Don’t let your social media automotive marketing get stuck in an ugly rut.

The mistake many companies made is they got tired. It happens all the time. You start having genuine conversations with your fans and followers, but eventually you start phoning it in, then you phone it in a little more, and then all of the sudden you’re telegraming it in. What was once a two-way conversation is now just you blasting out deals and garbage and hoping something hits the mark. Don’t let this be you!

We’ve found an interesting infographic that illustrates the stages of social media apathy and tells you how to turn it around. If you aren’t using social media to its full effect, then it may be a little too familiar.

Automotive Marketing Infographic

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