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How Social Media Helps Small Business Grow (Infographic)

Social media isn’t just for established businesses. I want to be very clear about this because it is a misconception that I run into all the time. People start a social media page, and that big fat ZERO in the fans/followers/whatever spot just feels insurmountable. Small business owners need to understand that the zero IS […] Read More

Impact of Photos on Facebook

Marketing Using Facebook is a tricky proposition, and it can be especially frustrating when you’re trying your best and simply not getting the engagement you want. Are you sending out post after post, only to net a couple likes and the occasional comment? You aren’t alone, many companies wallow in this kind of social obscurity, but […] Read More

Social Media in 2013!

Social media took some major strides in marketing importance in 2012, and that trend looks like it’s going to continue into 2013. With duplicate content and backlinks getting penalized and devalued, something has to fill the void. It appears as though the new SEO will revolve around quality content and social cues, so Marketing with Twitter […] Read More

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