Taco Bell: A Case Study

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It’s time for another Wikimotive Case Study. You may remember the last one we did on ThinkGeek.com. This time we want to talk about a fast food juggernaut that has served billions across the globe. We want to talk about a paragon of virtue to anyone who has ever been stumbling and starving at 1 am. We want to talk about the pioneers of such revolutionary ideas as Fourthmeal.

We want to talk about Taco Bell.

Specifically, we want to talk about Taco Bell’s Twitter account and their social media marketing. If you’re a company that deals with consumers in a large volume, Taco Bell should be the model for your own Twitter page. We know it’s hard to believe, so let us give you a quick overview of why they’re so great.

The Design: The taco empire nails the fundamental rules of Twitter design. Their page is artfully designed and immediately identifiable. Their profile photo is a stylized version of their logo, and is also instantly recognizable. Additionally, they include their current slogan and a link to their main website.

The Posts: Taco Bell handles posting well in a couple of ways. First, the unique posts they make are never to sales-oriented. They are usually funny, and take advantage of whatever hashtag is trending. Here are a couple examples:

#IfWeGoOutJustKnow my Taco Bell order by heart. #10ThingsIGetAlot “Do you sell bells?”

Secondly, they almost always include a picture with their Tweets, which has been shown to dramatically increase interaction.

The Interaction: Interaction with customers is where Taco Bell really shines. They have someone monitoring Twitter for posts that mention their name and products, and they come back with funny replies. Not only does this spread goodwill and brand awareness, it actually makes people post about them, hoping to get replied to, so that they show up on the brand’s page! Here are a couple examples they knocked out of the park:

User’s post: No one will take me to Taco Bell. My day is ruined. @TacoBell TB reply: Why, cruel world, why?
User’s post: Selling my soul for Taco Bell

TB reply: That’s not necessary. Our food prices are very reasonable.

It may seem silly, but these little replies go a long way with people. Taco Bell just shows how you should user Twitter and other forms of social media. It’s not for a hard sell; it’s for humanizing your brand. It shows that you aren’t just a faceless business; you’re made up of people, people who care.

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