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Posted on by Josh Billings
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Did you know that your Google Business Profile (or ‘GBP’) listing is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox? It empowers you to manage how your dealership shows up in Search, and across Google products like Google Maps. Plus, it helps customers to find you within your designated geographic area, because Google-verified listings are more likely to be featured in local search and twice as likely to be considered reputable. But one of the best things about GBP listings is that they can actually be managed in-house. So, whether you’re a “do-it-yourselfer” or simply want to understand what you’re paying your vendor for, it’s time to get your hard hat. I’m Josh Billings and this is “GBP DIY”.

Search is constantly evolving, and Google moves the goal posts with the same frequency; this means that studies to determine “current ranking factors’ are always ongoing. In 2023, for example, ranking factors to show up in the Map Pack include:

  • Naming
  • Categories
  • Location (Your store vs. the location of the searcher)
  • Reviews
  • Matching info with your website
  • Site Content
  • Images
  • Posts

Now, let me be clear. Following Google’s best practices won’t net you the #1 slot in your area every time, but it will certainly help to keep you at the front of the proverbial line. So, with that said, let’s shift our focus to Google Business Profiles, this weekly video series, and what you can expect to learn from it.

In the weeks to come, I’ll…

  • Guide you through the Administration of your Google Business Profile & familiarize you with your various Dashboards.
  • Show you when and how to work with the GBP Support Team
  • Teach you how to Identify, Claim, and Create GBP listings.
  • Familiarize you with Google’s Verification & Troubleshooting methods.
  • Review Key Optimizations to your GBP listings, including:
    • Categories
    • Descriptions
    • Phone Numbers
    • URLs
    • UTMs
    • Pin Location
    • Service Areas
    • Hours & Special Hours
    • Business Attributes
    • Booking Links
    • Photos
    • Appointment Schedulers
    • Department Nesting, and
    • Services
  • We’ll touch on the importance and nuance of
    • Your Questions & Answers section
    • Your Vehicle Listings
    • Your Reviews
  • How to best utilize the Messaging feature.
  • How to create and manage Google Posts, and
  • How to make Google Insights work for you.

And yes, these will include step-by-step tutorials, and the professional rationale behind each of our GBP management strategies! So (beginning next Tuesday) join me every week and get ready to do some GBP DIY.