Where Do We Share? (Infographic)

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No one likes beating a dead horse. There’s no joy in it, no glory in whaling away on some poor equine. You don’t like it, the people around you don’t like it, the horse (being dead) is indifferent, but you can be sure his horse-ghost is horse-frowning in horse-heaven. Still, sometimes it needs to be done, so I’ll say it again: social media shares are a huge part of SEO.

Okay…deep breath. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take an updated look at where people are sharing content and what you should be focusing on.

To start, we’ll just say  the leader: Facebook. It’s been Facebook for years, and no one is even coming close to touching their dominance in the social share industry. Sure, it fluctuates depending on the industry your talking about, but in the end it just boils down to Facebook winning by different lengths…except for ecommerce.

Pinterest has been booming lately, and now it has surpassed Facebook and it’s the top place to share ecommerce products on the web. It’s no surprise why. Pinterest is essentially built around sharing great pictures of products with communities and friends. Of course, Facebook is only 4% behind Pinterest, so they aren’t dominating, but the fact that they are beating Facebook at all is remarkable.

For the rest of the data on social share percentages, check out this infographic from Gigya:

Social Sharing


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